Mohammad "MH" Rahmani is an emerging media researcher and designer, currently working as an R&D/Design Engineer out of Brooklyn, New York. His work focuses on designing and prototyping tangible products and proofs of concept, and his published research studies spatial augmented reality, embodied UX design paradigms, and alternate displays. He got his  Master's degree from ITP at NYU and holds a BSc in Software Engineering.

During his undergraduate studies, he co-founded VortexEffects where he worked as a media producer planning and executing multimedia projects for customers including Samsung, Huawei, Henkel, Netslé, etc. He served as the vice-chair of Tehran ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter before moving to NYC.

His background is rooted in years of observational astronomy education where he developed a practical understanding of optics, astrophotography, and image processing that would help him build a career in technical imaging and become the first Adobe Certified Expert in the country. 

His research-driven work has been featured in Archuwum Art Transparent, TADAEX Festival, NYC SFA Projects, and ACM SIGGRAPH '20 Conference.