Familiar Object

A spatial mixed reality experience

Familiar Object is an interactive art installation that uses reFrame as its 

The whole project from conception to first print took about 2 months in the spring of 2016. The stainless steel chassis was a modified v4 P3Steel design and the red 3D printed structural parts were all built on my friend's 3D printer, making my printer a 2nd generation one. For my extruder however I customized the latest Prusa i3 extruder at the time to fit my carriage and hotend. 

The more special parts like the RAMPS mainboard for Arduino Mega (later replaced with the more robust MKS), the Hotend and Nozzle assembly, and the heat-bed were sourced from a young robotics web store based in Shiraz. The Arduino core was running Marlin firmware customized for my strong motors and driver combo, plus the gear and timing belt I was using. 

This was one of the most rewarding projects I have ever done which taught me multiple skills that goes into building a CNC device, such as G-Code, linear motion control, mechatronics, stepper control, etc. 3D Printing is an art itself that I developed a good understanding of after hundreds of prints and meticulous fine-tuning of the printer and slicer settings.


SFA Projects: Movement and Meaning (New York, NY)