"Art Toys" themed on Sufi gnostic mysticism and enlightenment

Illuminesque is the name for a collection of decorative objects made out of wood with acrylic inlays. These "Art Toys" are designed over themes of struggle with depression and meaning, and the promised light at the end of the tunnel. The colorful motifs are modeled after the amazing "marquetry" tiles of "Jameh Mosque of Yazd"; which is a complex floral "Shamseh" motif usually found in the center of Persian carpets, representing the light of lights in the mystic-Islamic point of view.

The original 3D sketches for concept development were done inside Oculus Medium, a VR 3D modeling environment, and further iterations were made using Fusion's CAM and a 4-axis CNC mill for the hardwood base and a 3-axis CNC "othermill" for the acrylic inlays.


African Mahogany, Acrylic, CA glue


Kimmel center windows on LaGuardia St, Manhattangnom