An immersive post-human installation / VR experience


History has this weird tendency to repeat itself. It may be in different forms, but the same result and the same loop; Fear of Extinction! In the Dystopian future of our handcrafted 1s and 0s, We have created a world beyond our control, a world that threatens us by our own hands. 
IMMANUEL was created for one purpose and one purpose only, to give us HOPE. A Hope of survival. But do we ever learn?
As it goes through each stage of evolution one is doomed to extinct and so is Immanuel, The Amalgam of our Flesh and our Crafts; Our intelligence at its best. 
Immanuel's life is short, it will not complete its prophecy as it was designed NOT to. Like a Child that dies in his mother’s womb, Immanuel dies in this pandora box of hope over and over again.
In its first trimester, as Immanuel starts to develop, The loop shows himself time after time and he is doomed to a neonatal respiratory distress syndrome. A NEONATAL DEATH.

The audience gets into a room (a lab) that has been abandoned for years. You see a table with prototypes and different parts of an unknown creature. There are sketches hanging from the wall that resembles the items found on the table. You interact with different pieces and the prototypes as you go on.

as you inspect through with your eyes you have the eery feeling that something weird has happened here a long time ago. you find a surgical tray with a missing mark, as you sit on the chair and put the VR headset on you realize what has happened here in the form of a story.


SURVIVAL 17 | Poland