An affordable and scalable Spatial Augmented Reality platform.

reFrame is an affordable and accessible Spatial Augmented Reality platform that is capable of rendering virtual images superimposed over the physical objects and the scenery behind it. It's an optically see-through AR display that does not require users to wear any headsets or trackers, they just have to stand in front of the device and look through the "window."


reFrame tracks the viewer's head in 3D space and corrects the image to make sure it always corresponds to the scenery behind it based on where the viewer is looking from. This feature turns reFrame into a parallax-free and scalable general-purpose Heads Up Display (HUD) with a variety of use-cases in different industries, as well as in art and interactive story-telling.

reFrame provides a platform for designers to experiment with alternate story-telling tools in mixed reality (MR) that are less explored. It moves away from the "Ego-Centered" mindset of conventional head-mounted and handheld MR devices to a "Subject-Centered" and attention-based design paradigm. It doesn't try to alter the whole reality around someone, instead it frames the alternate reality around a subject that is separated from the viewer, yet it's not independent from them.


ACM SIGGRAPH 2020 Conference

ACM Digital Library